Aviation has an important social function and we understand the work behind the security work at the airport. Our goal is to deliver a complete security solution that combines market-leading technology with innovation.

The market is characterized by constant changes and in connection with new threats, both legislation and regulations change with us as a supplier, you can always feel secure in getting security solutions that are approved by international regulatory authorities.


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Metor 900M

Our most advanced walkthrough metal detector with enhanced capabilities for the detection of metal contraband in all security applications.

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Orion® 920CT

With ever-increasing global threats and increasingly stringent requirements, the 920CT provides you with state-of-the-art technology, designed to meet the most stringent current and future regulations all in one control point machine with a modern look.

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Next generation technology for checked luggage. ECAC Standard 3 EDS Approved

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About Us

Selmatec specialize in areas for detection and security clearance between zones and border crossings. Our services and products are in daily use to limit the possibilities of terrorist acts, smuggling of weapons, explosives and drugs etc. 

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