Itemiser 4DX

Using a non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous, dual-mode detection, the portable, deskop Itemiser® 4DX can detect a broad range of current market threat explosives and narcotics. This feature thereby eliminates expensive certification, licensing, inspection, testing and transportation requirements.

Automated internal calibration

Non-radioactive ion source

Increased usability, improved operational and detection accuracy

Results in as little as 8 seconds

Reliable, operator-friendly interface

Maintenance friendly, Low operating and consumable costs

Easy-to-access components for quick maintenance

Network ready/USB compliant

Internal Battery

Meets the Explosive Trace Detector (ETD) European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Common Evaluation Process (CEP) standard for screening passengers, personnel and baggage

Outstanding Detection Accuracy And, with Remote Connect, users can securely command and monitor several Itemiser® 4DX systems from a centralized network location. This software application also provides real-time analysis of system health and seamless storing and retrieval of data. The Itemiser 4DX includes an Internal, one-hour battery allows instrument relocation without shut off, eliminating warmup time.





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Selmatec specialize in areas for detection and security clearance between zones and border crossings. Our services and products are in daily use to limit the possibilities of terrorist acts, smuggling of weapons, explosives and drugs etc. 

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