Chemical Detection

We offer a variety of chemical detection equipment that can effectively meet your needs.

Progeny™ ResQ™ Progeny™ ResQ™
Progeny ResQ FLX Progeny ResQ FLX
Rigaku ResQ CQL Rigaku ResQ CQL

Progeny™ ResQ™ handheld Raman enables users to detect, identify and respond to sophisticated threats with confidence, at the touch of a button

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Progeny™ ResQ™ FLX Advanced Narcotics Analyzer. Identify narcotics – including opioids and fentanyl in seconds

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Fast chemical identification in a new tactical design

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About Us

Selmatec specialize in areas for detection and security clearance between zones and border crossings. Our services and products are in daily use to limit the possibilities of terrorist acts, smuggling of weapons, explosives and drugs etc. 

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