Next generation technology for checked luggage. ECAC Standard 3 EDS Approved

ECAC Standard 3 EDS Approved

Designed to meet TSA and other regulatory standards for automatic explosive detection

Leads in the class for high-resolution 3D X-rays

Full belt speed of 0 , 5 meters per second for easy integration with high-speed luggage handling system (BHS)

Flexible system configuration for easy integration

Lowest total operating cost

Only needs 200mm distance between luggage

May have throughput potential of up to 1,800 bags / objects per hour

Small footprint

Quick decision time at level 1

Superior 3-D image of scanned bags / objects

Fewer moving parts than traditional CT systems, thus reducing operating and service costs

Advanced network features


Rapiscan Real Time Tomography: A Breakthrough and a Great Technical Innovation in Browsing Checked Baggage.

Current check-in luggage scanning systems are relatively fast, but do not generate detailed images of the object being scrutinized (high-speed X-ray) or generate more detailed images, but are relatively slow (Computed Tomography-based systems).

Rapiscan RTT® has cutting-edge technology to help improve airport security and is designed to accurately detect an increased range of explosive threats and prohibited objects, including liquid explosives, compared to currently used CT systems. It features an innovative desktop gantry design that allows detailed 3-D images of the object scanned at speeds of up to 1,800 bakers per hour.

Rapiscan RTT® is designed to provide the best possible security at a lower total cost of ownership to meet the specific operational requirements of a modern airport environment.

Rapiscan RTT®, designed to improve passenger safety and be an important part of a luggage handling system (BHS).






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