Cobalt 200M

Insight200M offers improved detectivity and false alarm rates (FARs) and fits into security operations with the lowest resource impact and highest screening throughput of any Type B LEDS system.

ECAC standard 3 (Type B and A)

Screens ALL containers, including metals

False alarm rate for ALL containers >1.5%

Fast and easy to use: Scans in 5 seconds

Detects and names threat material (detection only in metal containers)

Compact form factor

Ideal as stand-alone systems for all containers or for alarm resolution with EDS for cabin baggage (C2 or C3)

The Insight200M easily screens partially filled containers, as well as STEBS and unusual bottle shapes and sizes. The system has no problem screening containers of 10ml or greater as well as large containers up to 3l.

Insight200M can also screen for flammable liquids.

The scan time for non- magnetic containers is 5 Seconds, and only 3 for metal containers.

In typical use the overall FAR for Insight200M is >1.5%, but can be much lower. For example, for bottled water alone, the FAR of Insight systems is just 1 in 4,000 bottles (≈0.02%).

When tested using the standard ECAC test set, the Insight200M has a FAR ~10x lower than operationally demonstrated by the most widely used alternative products.

The Insight 200M boasts one of the Highest availability in real world situations, with airports consistently getting >99.8% uptime.





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