Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance Package, easy troubleshooting without going onsite

Made by technicians as a tool to ease troubleshooting

Inhouse design, assembly and configuration

Single page HMI to provide overview over the most important systems

Customer doesn’t need to describe a problem anymore, a technician can see what operator sees if needed

Hardware KVM, local PC OS independent, with encrypted keyboard/mouse signals and possibility for file transfer

Secure connection, terminated and managed inhouse.

Selmatec Security own unique remote assistance kit is aimed at cutting down long response times and costs, to get your critical equipment up and running.

With the added support from our engineers we can offer one-hour response to remotely repair or diagnose your system.

Between monitoring the electronics and seeing what the operator sees means we can fix most of non-hardware failure remotely, and should it be a hardware fault, it provides the engineers with a head start on making sure they take the right part to site, to avoid follow up visits and wrong parts to be sent to site. Hardware KVM provides options to remotely update software and do a complete reinstall if needed.

The system can run through any wired network or even via 4G thru an encrypted VPN to provide a secure connection to your systems without the need to involve other parties.





About Us

Selmatec specialize in areas for detection and security clearance between zones and border crossings. Our services and products are in daily use to limit the possibilities of terrorist acts, smuggling of weapons, explosives and drugs etc. 

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