Rapiscan 638DV 320kV

High penetration, dual-perspective viewing technology, low loading threshold, large tunnel design for X-ray screening of ULD containers and ISO standard pallets.

Advanced freight control system

Freight control in various packages including pallets

ULD containers and pallet goods

Explosives and narcotics detection

Double-perspective display technology

Easy to load rollers

Matrix support, networking and remote viewing

Cost effective

Satisfies global Requirements

Approved according to TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL)

The Rapiscan 638DV 320kV is a high performance, compact X-ray system with a versatile 1837mm x 1800mm tunnel, dual-perspective viewing with outstanding image quality and excellent threat alert features.

Rapiscan 638DV 320kV is advanced, dual-perspective view, high-penetration X-ray illumination system for control of ULD, ISO standard, cargo room and pallet goods.

But its large and spacious tunnel, dual-perspective viewing technology, explosive indicators are Rapiscan 638DV 320kV in widespread use globally, for control aviation and customs, where high performance is prioritized.

Based on requirements from US and EU regulations, 638DV uses 320KV dual-perspective technology, which allows simultaneous viewing of two images (horizontal and vertical view) of the controlled object. This provides a more complete image, reducing the need for repositioning and retesting the object and increasing the speed of accurate identification of possible threats.

Rapiscan 638DV 320kV is approved and included in the TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL) and Transport Canada (TC) Air Cargo Security Program.

The Rapiscan 638DV 320kV meets all the requirements of mandatory regulations (EC) No 300/2008, (EU) No.185 / 2010 and Commission Decision C (2010) 774 for aviation safety in the EU.

Easy to use, with the highest capacity and throughput, over 14 imaging tools and alarm detection algorithms, as well as the functional software provides the user with the tools needed to facilitate the search of prohibited items.






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