Selmatec AS Further Expands in Scandinavia, Secures Contract with Avinor to Provide Security Screening Equipment


Selmatec AS one of Nordics leading Security Screening Suppliers has announced details of a newly secured partnership with Avinor to supply security screening equipment for checkpoint, Hold baggage and air cargo applications to regional airports throughout Norway in a multi year framework.

The partnership, the result of a team effort between Selmatec and technology partner Rapiscan® Systems, will see up to 350 ORION Checkpoint, Air Cargo screening units and Rapiscan’s newly launched ORION® Metor® 900M walk-through metal detectors supplied to 44 airports throughout Norway, and includes ongoing maintenance and servicing agreements.

This partnership sees Selmatec supplying security screening solutions to all of the 44 airports operated by Avinor.

The recently launched Orion Metor 900M walk-through metal detector is one of the most advanced to date, offering enhanced screening capabilities while allowing operators to maintain high throughput rates, crucial in busy airport environments. The system also features multi-zone displays to help operators quickly and easily identify the location of a potential threat, and is designed to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as handguns, knives and other security risks.

“The aviation and travel sectors, like all other markets, must look ahead and rise after the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, what has not changed is that we must continue to maintain high levels of security so that all passengers who are going out and flying again will feel safe when they go out and travel again, says Bøye Einang, CEO of Selmatec. "We are proud to work with Avinor to ensure that our market-leading scanning and security solutions can play an important role in the airport's security systems throughout Norway."

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