Itemiser 3


Bilde av 06_ge_itemiserITMS Technology

Enhancements to ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) analysis through Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer® (ITMS) technology allow for vast improvements to ionization efficiency, and therefore sensitivity of the detector. ITMS enables extremely low concentrations of electrophillic vapors, such as explosive vapors, to be detected—impossible with traditional IMS.

Simultaneous Dual-mode Detection
The desktop Itemiser3 is the world’s first trace detector able to simultaneously detect both explosives and narcotics. With both positive and negative ion detection occurring simultaneously, the dual-mode Itemiser3 brings greater certainty and selectivity of a broader range of explosives through the use of a multiple-peak detection algorithm.

Membrane Filter
A semi-permeable membrane excludes dust and dirt. This enhancement makes the system more sensitive to the materials of concern and allows continued operation and sensitivity in environments that have high traffic, humidity or contamination.

Regenerative Dryer
The regenerative dryer never requires replacement, reduces maintenance downtime and lowers the consumables cost. Maintaining the humidity level in the sample chambers also allows for consistent and reliable detection results without sacrificing sensitivity.

Lightweight, Portability
At 26.5 lbs., the Itemiser3 is almost half the weight of any competitive desktop detector. Built-in carrying handles for easy set-up and relocation.

60-minute Battery Backup
The only desktop trace detector with a 60-minute backup power supply for faster, easier checkpoint relocation and protection from power interruptions.

Onboard Printer
Part of the standard commercial off-the-shelf configuration, allows for fast hard copy results, or printing at a later date for use as evidence of record keeping.

Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.
Manufactured in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida.





ICU (with display opened)

14.9 in (38 cm)

Display Clearance:

16.3 in (41 cm)

18.9 in (48 cm)

19.8 in (50 cm)

26.5 lbs. (12.02 kg)

ICU (with display closed)

7.1 in (18 cm)

18.9 in (48 cm)

18 in. (46 cm)




Hand Wand

11 in (28 cm)

1.1 in (2.8 cm)

2.3 oz (65g)

Sample Nozzle Attached to Vacuum Sampling Unit

16.8 in (42 cm)

3.4 in (8.5 cm)