Selmatec Securities And Holger Securities specialize in areas for detection and security clearance between zones and border crossings. Our services and products are in daily use to limit the possibilities of terrorist acts, smuggling of weapons, explosives and drugs etc.

Currently having 7 offices spanning across 4 countries, we provide the best services to make you feel safe. We make and deliver high quality solutions for our customers. When it comes to safety at airports, we have delivered machines for hand luggage, checked luggage, special luggage, cargo, metal detectors and particle detectors.

Our headquarters are situated in Oslo, along with service workshop and a warehouse to facilitate you with quick and easy maintenance process. We also have our offices sales and service offices Sweden, Denmark and Finland where you can easily access our services and products.

Selmatec takes pride in not compromising on its values and products, we have always made it our priority to deliver excellence. We are catering all types of industries to provide them effective and efficient solutions. Aviation, Customs and Government sectors are our top customers, to whom we have provided various machines and services to carry out their functionalities without any difficulty. We have several frame agreements, with customers Like Avinor, Finavia, Swedavia and Customs to name a few for deliveries of X-ray machines for hand luggage, cargo and special baggage solutions, as well as particle detectors and metal detectors which are stationed at various places across the countries.

We also offer different service agreements to select from, which suits your need the best along with the remote assistance. We can monitor the functionalities of your equipment from our offices and in need of any emergency we can attend with the lowest response time.

You can easily rent and lease out services for certain period of time, depending upon your need. It could be for a day, a week or whatever you desire for it to be. These customized leasing solutions can cover from a small event to a larger one.

We are approved distributors and service partners for all products we sell to the Scandinavian market. Our staff is highly qualified and perfectly trained, as we are providing customizable solution for last 15 years. We keep on updating are strategic plans to address all the needs of securities in all sectors, especially Airport services.

Selmatec Securities AS (Norway) is a ISO9001:2015 approved Company.