ORION® detection technology was developed to help operators identify and mitigate threats faster and more accurately by significantly improving visibility during the screening process. Featuring best in class solutions for every element of baggage and parcel inspection, the solutions that make up the ORION® series provide significant improvements to overall screening and performance.
This product launch serves as the first of many new offerings from Selmatec Securities and Rapiscan Systems, which will leverage innovations in imaging such as deep learning algorithms. This systems architecture allows for an upgrade path which enable future implementation of imaging components across multiple platforms and a wide range of tunnel sizes, allowing customers to more rapidly introduce innovative solutions into their security infrastructures.

Potential threats are becoming increasingly challenging to identify. As attackers advance their techniques, ORION® detection technology was purpose-built to improve visibility during the screening process, and help operators identify and mitigate potential threats faster, by leveraging several innovative features including.


The ORION® family runs our latest, most powerful & intuitive software for X-Ray Screening -  ScanOS™ to help operators easily and quickly identify potential threats:



Operators can easily change between Classic 4-color and the new Spectrum-4 color imaging option providing a better visualization of contraband material which allows faster screening leading to increased throughput and improved security.


This feature helps operators identify organics accurately and quickly either in Range mode which highlights the areas based on range selected by the operator, or in Interactive mode which also gives the operator the option to display the areas based on the value of the pixel.


Today we have launched 4 small tunnel Orion® Machines. This consists of single view Orion® series 918CX, 920CX, 922CX, and the Orion® 920DX Dual View.

Over the coming months we will be launching 4 more machines into the line-up, to provide an ORION® System for any requirement.

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